*Halloween Movies, Family, and Disappearing Roommates


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Pretty self-explanatory from the title of the post, but I just wanted to give it a little more structure, especially since it’s my first time really talking about something besides narrating my day with the roommate.


Halloween Movies / Family

First, I wanted to share some of the movies I like, especially around Halloween time.

Movies. I like horror movies. Or at least I did. Now, they’ve all kind of lost their touch. I don’t get scared anymore. It’s very, very hard to scare me. And every time someone finds out this small tidbit of info, they spend weeks trying to scare me.

Sorry, but no.

Not happening anytime soon.

Don’t try to scare me, it won’t work. I get surprised, but not “scared”.

If I were to be completely honest with everyone, I’d chalk it up to me having a certain horrible event happen to me in my younger years. Nobody knows what happened to me, not even me. The psychiatrist says I’ve suppressed it. Even with all her tests and prodding questions, I have no idea what happened to me. As far as I can remember, I’ve had a lovely life living with my Aunt and Uncle in Oregon with their three children.

My psychiatrist says that I have only lived with them from the age of ten. Not since I was a child. When she asks what happened to my parents, I can’t remember. People say they’ve disappeared. That they left me for my relatives to take care of, but in my heart I know that’s not right.

Nothing’s right.

 My goodness, I’m so sorry! This post just got incredibly sad and depressing. Um. Sorry about that.

My favorite Halloween movie has got to be Hocus Pocus. Every Halloween, Uncle Trent would gather his family around the TV in the living room and watch the movie. Apparently, I found out later, that it took me four years until I finally joined them on Halloween. I was told that every Halloween since I was ten, I’d lock myself in my room. No one would know what I would do in there, but I think I was just hiding.

As far as I can personally remember, I love Hocus Pocus. Witches are great. They have magic and can fly on broomsticks. I mean, come on, can you do that?


Extra Fun Side Note:

There’s a channel on YouTube called The Hillywood Show. The duo consists of Hilly Hindi and Hannah Hindi. They make parodies ranging from Sherlock, Hocus Pocus, Twilight, and (yes) Supernatural. If you haven’t seen their parodies, go check them out! They’re awesome.


My fascination with all things supernatural was something I didn’t tell many people. Many in middle school found that part of me weird and I found out, it didn’t earn me any friends. The only person who I still talk to from those days was Matthew Charles. He became my best friend. Ever since that day during lunch break when I got into an argument with the school bully that Casper the Friendly Ghost could’ve certainly have been real. (I don’t believe that now, but I did then)

Matt had my back. He said it was true, and that he’d even met him before! I was so surprised that I practically jumped on that friendship. I pestered him with questions ever since. No one bothered me after that. They let us be. We were the ghost hunters of middle school and even started a club in high school. Until sophomore year when life got to us. Everyone listened to Matt because he was the foreign exchange student from London. His accent swayed almost all the girls, and the guys thought he was cool enough to be on the Lacrosse team.

I’m almost 100% sure if Matt hadn’t believed in ghosts, we’d never have become friends.


Q: What’s your favorite Halloween movie? Do you have a family tradition?


Disappearing Roommates

Jackie has been away for a few days and I’m actually starting to get a little bit concerned.

Last time I saw her was Sunday when she had her Uncle over and they invited me to their seance. Over going to my room and studying, I didn’t leave until dinner and by then they had already left. I figured it was to go out for a family dinner, since that’s what she had told me she was doing the day before.

It think over this past few weeks she’s started to grow on me. She texted me once on Tuesday saying:

From: Jackie

goin home 4 a cuple days – Not sure how longg. ill have rent by Tues -Jax

Besides the atrocity that is her grammar and spelling, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I didn’t know anything about her family and was kind of curious to see. She did mention once that she took after her aunt Jolie because they both loved sports, but also that they were polar opposites because her aunt despised Halloween.

Anyway, I’m sure she’s fine.

From: Eve

Okay! Don’t worry about it. Hope you have a nice time with your family!