#7 – I Swear, I Wasn’t Eavesdropping

Oct. 28th – posted: Oct. 29th because forgive me if I didn’t have time to write this after coming home past 1 AM.

Matt called me.

Yeah, Matt Charles, my friend from middle school when we were wee-babies?

Yeah, that Matt Charles.

Well, I think it was an accident. He called the apartment phone. I would remember his voice from anywhere.

You have one new voice message. First voice message sent October 28th at 11:46 PM. From: Matthew Charles. Duration: 10 secs.

“They’re coming for you. I’ve warned your family, but things are getting dangerous. I suggest you leave the apartment. Call me if you need anything. I’ll be checking on you.”

To erase this message press –

The front door lock clicked and the door swung open quietly. There were sounds of socked feet on the floor before, “Oh! Eve, you’re still up?”

“Yeah, I just got home.”

I saw Jackie glance at the clock as she flicked the light switch on. “This late?” She gave me a weird look. “Everything okay?”

I smirked. “Of course. Why? I can’t go out now on a Friday night?”

“No,” Jackie laughed, “You can, you just…haven’t before.”

I shook my head, “I don’t know. I don’t think you know me that well, Jacks. For all you really know, I’m a crazy crazy party animal.”

Jackie eyed me. “Right.”

“What are you doing out so late?”

“Me? Oh! There was some crazy Halloween rave party downtown. The Zombie Santa Turkeys were playing at the club and things got a little crazy.” She held up her heels which were broken, muddy, and mangled. It looked like someone had put it through a chopper.

“Sounds like fun,” I said, my eyes taking in her messy hair and disgruntled appearance.

She smiled suddenly and said, “I totally would’ve invited you, but it was already really hard for me to get in, and I had an invite! The bouncers carded me! Can you believe that? And then they said I wasn’t on the list and refused to let me in. I had to pull some strings but finally made it.”

“I see, well, glad you’re safe.”

“Yeah, you too.”

“I’m going to shower. Unless you want to go first?”

Jackie shook her head. “No, you’re good. I need to stuff some food in my face before I pass out.” Her giggle echoed off the walls.

Stumbling to the bathroom, I realized that I was more tired than I thought I was. And a massive headache was pummeling my brain to bits. I turned on the shower and started sliding out of my dress before I remembered that I needed to get my towel. I showered the morning before and hung my towel in my room to dry and completely forgot.

Darting out of the bathroom, I went to my room. I grabbed my towel and was heading back out when I heard Jackie’s voice.

I feel like if anyone whispers, it instantly piques someone’s curiosity. No matter what they’re talking about. My curiosity was the worst. And the death of me. As everyone that knows me has frequently told me.

“You shouldn’t have called the main line! What were you thinking?” I heard Jackie hiss. She was still in the kitchen, and I was standing in the hallway, one foot past the door to go back into the bathroom, and half of my body in the hall.

Maybe it just took me a really long time to walk back to the bathroom, okay?

“Of course she listened to it! It’s her apartment too.”

Was she talking to Matt? Wait, was the message for her? I guess that would make sense, if they knew each other. Did they know each other? But how?

“I’m fine. You don’t need to check on me, I don’t need a lousy babysitter…My mother?…Sure, you can tell my mother that…Yes, to her face. I already went to my family’s stupid conference. I don’t need a lecture from you too…I have to go. Don’t call here again!”

Before I could whirl into the bathroom and close the door, Jackie was storming down the hallway, a dark look on her face. When she saw me, her eyes widened and a split second later, she was back to her smiling, girly-squeal self.

She rolled her eyes dramatically as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Prank calls, am I right? So uncool.”

I gave a quick smile and nodded hurriedly before closing the door. I hopped into the shower two seconds later and stood under the cold water, hoping the brain freeze would snap me out of my triggered detective mode.

How did Matt know Jackie? And what was so dangerous that he had to warn her?




#5 – Lies and Spider Leggings

Oct. 24th


“Rise and shine, sleepyhead!” A voice screeched from the hallway, directly outside of my bedroom door. Slowly, I woke up, eyes drooping like the fronds of a palm tree.


There was a short knock before Jackie burst into the room.

“You slept through Sunday!” She threw open the curtains in my room and added,            “And you missed a delicious breakfast I prepared myself! Green eggs and ham. Although I swapped out the green for red, in honor of the month of October, of course.”

I jumped out of bed. “What time is it? It’s Monday? Already?” Pausing from frantically trying to get my life together, I added, “Wait, when did you get back?”

“A little past…four. You were out like a light.” Jackie shook her head. “I got home this morning at like five. I didn’t want to wake you!”

With a frustrated groan, I realized I must have fallen asleep in my clothes. Again. Usually I would head straight for my PJs the moment I got home though, so I was surprised I still had jeans on. I ran towards the bathroom, almost tripping over the rug because my balance was still thrown off from sleep. Blinking, I stooped—rather ungracefully—to fix the offending piece of cloth.

“I have work!” I exclaimed. “Well, like…” I stood and faced Jackie, shoulders already drooping with defeat, “…half a day ago. But…ohmygosh, I’m going to be so fired.” I sighed.

“I think someone called in sick today.” Her face held an impish grin and struck a pose, hands on hips as she took a few long pacing steps by the door. Her legs were clad in spider leggings and they seemed to jump with every wide step she took.

Eyes narrowing, I rubbed my neck. “You did what?”

“I called in sick for you. Apparently you had food poisoning. Pity.” She pouted at me, pretending to rub away tears under her eyes. “You’re welcome, by the way! Now you have all day to party with moi! You like my leggings? I got them this morning before I got back! We can get you a pair too—”

“I still have my night classes,” I reminded her. “If I’m missing work from a fake sickness, I should at least do some homework.”

“That’s rough. You, being sick…with food poisoning and all.” She eyed me, folding her arms. “Maybe you should take a break. Rest a little. How does your head feel? Food poisoning can cause headaches too.”

“Why do you keep saying that?” I laughed a little. “It’s like you’re trying to convince me I have it or something. It’s not some disease, and my head is fine. If I really had food poisoning, I wouldn’t be worried about my head.”

She paused for a second and blinked at me, catching me off guard. Jackie was rarely at a loss of words.

Usually she had several words too many. Sometimes she even took my words.

Then, she threw her head back and let out a loud cackle, “Oh, that’s absurd. I know it’s not, like, some contagious disease. Next time I’ll say you have mono or something.”

And everything was back to normal.

Going into the bathroom, I decided splash water onto my face to wake myself up. When I was combing out my hair, I realized there was a giant lump on the back of my head. I heard a dripping noise behind me and turned to face the rest of the bathroom. Looking down at the source of the sound, I saw a red liquid dripping into the bathtub. Without much other warning, it burst from the faucet in a steady stream, roaring to life like a crimson waterfall.

I gasped, eyes wide.

            What was happening?

I must have blinked or something because suddenly there was a small flash of darkness and the bathtub was normal again, water running steadily into the tub.

It wasn’t until later, when I had left for class that I realized I hadn’t turned on the bathtub.