#3 – Popping Candy Corn

Oct. 12th

From: Jackie

Hey Evester! I’m heading out to Michael’s to get some more things for my crafting project, do you want anything?

From: Eve

Hi Jackie. Which Michael’s store are you going to?

From: Jackie

The one by Yogurtland and…like, that sandwich and soup place. WHy?

From: Eve

There’s a Sprouts there too, yeah? Can you get me some wheat bread? I usually get the Nature’s Own brand.

From: Jackie

Sure thang!

From: Eve

Thanks 🙂

“How was your day?” I asked as Jackie came through the front door.

“Horridly wonderful!” Jackie beamed at me. “There were Halloween flavors at Yogurtland!” She dumped her bags onto the breakfast nook dining table and chairs before plopping a bag marked Sprouts in front of me. “Your bread, as ordered, ma’am.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“I just had the most amazing experience at Yogurtland. Their Candy Corn swirl fro-yo is THE BOMB.” Jackie twirled around before plopping down on the couch. “Like, nothing compares. Absolutely nothing.” She glanced at me. “Of course, I’ll be needing to work it off tomorrow at the gym, but it was so worth it. You need to try it some time.”

I opened the cupboard, gently placing the bread inside. “Ah, no thanks. I’ll stick with my non-sickeningly sweet foods, thank you very much.”

Jackie shook her head. “I still can’t believe you don’t like candy or chocolate for that matter. I think my roommie is insane.”

I pulled a face. “I like candy. Like, around Halloween time?” As Jackie gave me an eye roll, I added with a sigh, “I tolerate candy corn, alright? Good enough?”

She shook her head again. “Nope. I want to hear about something you like.”

“Fine. I like those green caramel apple pops. You know?” When she gave me a blank stare, I pressed my hands together and tried elaborating, “Those lollipops with the caramel around the green apple sucker candy. Um, it’s flat, not round…”

She continued to stare, with a glazed over eyes.

I threw my hands up, “I can’t believe you’ve never heard of them! And you’re the Halloween extraordinaire.”

With a jerk of her head, she waved her hand in the air. “Yes, of course I knew what you were talking about! I just wanted to see how you’d try explaining it.” Reaching her hand into the paper grocery bag, she pulled out a large plastic bag filled with little orange, white and yellow candies known for their resemblance as kernels of corn.

“It’s your lucky day!” She cheered, flouncing over to where I sat at the counter on a tall bar stool, feet dangling. “I’ve got your ‘tolerable’ candy, the oh-so-famous, deliciousness…” She began to drum roll with her feet, looking like some sort of crazed goblin. “The candy corn!”

The bag was shoved into the air with a stance of triumph before she slowly held it in front of me, undoing the little green tie around the opening. “Dinner is served!”

When I didn’t respond, she added with a staged-whisper, “I got it in bulk.”

I rolled my eyes and laughed, appeasing her by taking a small handful and nibbling on the base of one of the candy corns. “Thanks.”

I didn’t think she heard me because she was already throwing back a handful, humming happily as skipped back to her grocery bag.

Knowing Jackie, it was probably filled with another giant bag of candy corn.

small black box 80 by 80 with cat and moon and decorations