*Turns Out I’m Not Crazy! (I think.)

A lot has happened since last time you saw me. Or heard from me, rather.

Yeah, I threw up.

I had a mental breakdown, saw a dead body, and threw up. I’m only human, what do you expect?

After that happened, I passed out. Surprise, surprise, I woke up in a bed in a freaking mansion. That dead guy in my living room – who was in fact the guy who shot Jackie in the first place and was AKA Talking On Phone Loudly Guy – wasn’t joking when he said my roommate was rich. She was loaded. Or her parents were.

Matt explained a lot of things to me and I’m going to try to explain some here before I have to go face the music.

One of the reasons I barfed up my stomach earlier was because my body – human body, of course – wasn’t prepared for what Jackie did.

Don’t get any weird ideas. She just possessed me.

No, she’s not a demon, and neither is Matt. (I asked.) They’re both demon hunters.

Jackie comes from a very powerful family of demon hunters that have been around for thousands of centuries. Matt is a demon hunter, but his focus isn’t on the actual hunting, it’s on researching demon attacks and finding out what their next moves are.

Basically, he made it seem like it’s some huge well-oiled machine and that I just messed it up. Well, me and Jackie.

Jackie died. She lost her body and while she was waiting – because surprise, again, apparently she wasn’t really dead – for her body to heal itself, her soul took a detour and came to the apartment. She found me just in time and took over my body. I woke up with no knowledge of that.

Apparently, part of Demon Hunting 101 is to never harm a human. Unless absolutely necessary. That includes, maiming, killing, throwing, blah blah blah, and possessing.

I didn’t want to be around when Jackie got her punishment for that. But, unfortunately, it looks like I was.

Partly because, I didn’t have a car or my cell phone. And even if I did, Matt took me to this undisclosed/secret location while I was unconscious so I now have no idea where I am and Matt won’t tell me.

Now, I was sitting in the waiting room to her room – yeah she has a waiting room to her private bedroom on her own wing of the place. Apparently her dead body is there – healing itself or whatever, and I was invited to be there when she finally woke up.

Lucky me.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

If Jackie turns out to be a zombie, I’ll post pictures.


#9 – If This is My Last Post, Find My Will

Oct. 30th?

I woke with a gasp, in the middle of my living room, Halloween decorations everywhere, adding to the destruction that was my life.

I’m really not sure how it seems like every one of my posts includes me waking up to chaos and destruction. Is there something wrong with me? Am I cursed?

My gasp immediately morphed into a bloodcurdling scream that I never knew I had. You know the types of screams you always pretend to scream but never fully commit when you’re goofing around with your friends?


I was no longer goofing around.

I don’t know if I would ever goof around again.

Was I dead?

I gulped in another breath of air, ready to scream bloody murder again when a hand slapped itself down on my mouth, cutting off my supply of air for a second, enough to startle me.

“What in the world are you doing?”

My eyes snapped open and I stared straight into the beam of a flashlight aimed at my face.

Seeing my flinch, the person turned the light away. As I lay there, dumbfounded, they said, “The power in your building went out during the attack.”

I blurted, “I killed someone!”

Great. Nice one, Eve. And this is why you could never lead a life of crime. Someone asks what you’re doing and you immediately tell them straight off –

“Are you sure? Where’s Jackie?”

“Hell if I know! She doesn’t tell me anything! Apparently she’s dead, but I totally heard her talking to me.” My eyes were slowly adjusting to the darkness.

“Maybe we should get you cleaned up.”

A hand took my arm while another grabbed my hand. As I was hauled off my sorry ass, my breathing came out in short gasps as I realized I was going to jail or I was going to die because I just killed someone. Or I was going to an insane asylum because I have absolutely NO recollection of actually killing anything.

It was then that my mind caught up with my body and I noticed who I was talking to.

My eyes widened. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m guessing you got my message?”

“That creepy ass voicemail? Yeah, what was that about?”

Matt shook his head. His hair had grown longer since – twelfth grade. I know, big surprise. “Eve, we don’t have much time. We need to get you cleaned up and out of here before anyone else comes. They know you killed one of their own and will try to find you no matter the cost.” He put an arm around me, trying to steer me towards the hall.

“See? I knew I killed someone!” I whirled around. “Where are they?”

“You didn’t kill them, Jackie did.”

“Jackie? I thought…” My mouth dropped open. “She was talking to me in my head. How did she do that? Wait, she’s not dead right? Is this a prank?” Then I did the most embarrassing thing that anyone could ever do in that moment. I started crying.

Let me elaborate. I started crying because I was laughing too hard.

Oh, that’s not the half of it. The laughter? Yeah, that didn’t stop, and neither did the hysterics.

“A prank! It’s got to be a prank.” I guffawed, throwing my hands out as I lunged forward, tripping over a fallen chair. My hands slapped at the red on the floor. “This is paint? Whoa, this feels so real. How did you guys do this?” I was laughing so hard, my words almost failed to get past my snorts.

Talk about embarrassing.

“You’re going into shock. Eve, please, we need to leave.”

My lips twitched as I tried to keep from laughing. “But I thought you wanted me to get cleaned up?”

Matt let out a groan as he rubbed a hand over his face. “We don’t have time.” He looked so out of place and professional in my destroyed apartment that I started laughing again.

“Oh, come on, Matt. I know it’s just a prank for Halloween. Jackie loves Halloween.” I walked to the couch in the living room, which was now torn to pieces and broken in half. “I’m sure she got all this fake blood from some Halloween store or something.” I looked at the broken glass from the coffee table strewn across the floor. “I’m sure my furniture is safe somewhere.”

The look of pity on Matt’s face made me pause. “Eve…”

I didn’t say anything. This wasn’t that funny anymore. I rubbed my face with the back of my hand, smearing the fake blood on my cheek with my tears.

“What’s going on, Matt?” I whispered, walking backwards as I sobbed.

“Eve,” His voice warned.

My heart flew into my throat as I tripped backwards over something and landed on my ass. Blinking away tears, I looked to my right, only to see the decapitated body of Jackie’s victim.

The last meal I had from Friday night – ravioli in marinara sauce, chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, and brussels sprouts – made its first appearance on the floor by the dead leg I had just tripped over.

Embarrassing? You haven’t seen embarrassing.