#6 – Lunchtime Library Stalking

Oct. 26th

Yesterday was kind of weird.

It wasn’t so much me being weird, because I was perfectly fine. Living my life, and doing my thing.

No, the thing that was weird was how Jackie kept showing up everywhere I was and making some excuses to hang out with me or on why she was there.

Literally, on Monday, she decided she had to walk to campus at the same time I did – which she never does – and then she wanted to get dinner at the cafeteria on campus before going back to the apartment at the same time. Usually, we do our own thing and this new attention is starting to irk me.

Yesterday was Tuesday. Tuesdays for me are fairly busy but I try to dedicate a couple hours in the afternoon between classes to study. Sooo, yesterday, I decided to do that at the library during my lunch break so I could have more time to study for my midterm happening in the class like two hours after.

Apparently Jackie freaked out because she then showed up at my study room, tapping on the door like mad.

“Um, hi?” I said upon opening the door, semi-worried that someone had died and she was coming to bear the bad news. “What’s up?”

“You didn’t text me about lunch. Are you okay?”

“Jackie, I’m fine. I just had to study. I’ve got a big midterm soon and-”

“You haven’t eaten yet? What did you even have for breakfast? Did you eat breakfast? Are you feeling okay?”

I frowned, narrowing my eyes at her slightly, “Yeah, I had a muffin. That I think you baked. Was I not…supposed to?”

“No!” She almost shouted, before laughing quietly, “No, you’re fine. But, you should really eat something more substantial than just a measly muffin.” Suddenly she whirled her backpack off her shoulder and unzipped it. She then whipped out a paper lunch bag. “Here! I packed some extra lunch today, so you can have it. Make sure you eat! That’s important.”

“Um, okay.” I nodded slowly. “Thanks?”

When she didn’t move, just stood there bouncing on her toes and smiling, darting her eyes around the room, I said, “Uh, you okay?”


“Okay, great. Well, I better go study. Thanks for the food.” I gave a smile as she stepped back and I added, “A real life-saver.”

As I sat back down in the chair at my laptop, I realized that as the door had closed, I heard her mumble, “I certainly hope so.”