The Story

Find the whole series of events here! I’ll be adding the links to each of my posts here for your convenience. Let’s see if I survive the month.

#1 – What did she do to the apartment?

#2 – Pumpkin spice and waffles with whipped cream

#3 – Popping Candy Corn

#4 – Ghostly interruptions to my Sunday

*Halloween Movies, Family, and Disappearing Roommates

#5 – Lies and Spider Leggings

#6 – Lunchtime Library Stalking

#7 – I swear, I wasn’t eavesdropping

#8 – RIP Jackie Augustus

#9 – If this is my last post, find my will

*Turns out I’m not crazy! (I think.)

#10 – Try not to die this Halloween. Please.

#11 – Double Duty Time

#12 – What Do You Expect From Me? I’m Only Demonic.

#13 – The End Of All Soul’s Day

I hope you enjoy my suffering. Or at least someone will.